Who Has Seen Dr. King\’s Dream?

From the mountain tops to the glaciers, and the chilling winds that blow the fall leaves away, has anyone ever seen Dr. King\’s Dream?  It\’s a new year 2016, however Americans still commemorate and celebrate the astonishing ability of one man\’s dream Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. \”I have a Dream.\”   Has the day arrived yet? That one day all the little boys and girls will be able to live together and be measured by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.  That police brutality will not cause and effect only one group of Americans, and education opportunities will not be stifled by teachings less of critical curriculum.  During Dr. King\’s era the fight for equal rights had taken a turn that it may be possible for niggers in the great nation of America to use water fountains that were primarily  for \”whites only.\”  Has anyone ever seen Dr. King\’s Dream, especially in Flint Michigan where \"2016-01-19Governor Rick Snyder authorized lead water poisoning and other contaminants of his constituents now it\’s a State of Emergency. But yet, we shall overcome, and in the bigger picture we have since we all can use water fountains now, but not everyone is drinking the same water.

Civil rights activist and President of the National Action Network, Al Sharpton held their annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Breakfast at the MayFlower Renaissance Hotel.  Many people attended the event and honorees were former US Attorney General Eric Holder, current US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Mr. Robert Smith Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Vista Equity Partners and plenty more.

Rev. Al Sharpton said \”you can turn back the clock, but you will not turn back the time.\”  If anyone could remember the times during Dr. King\’s dream Rev. Sharpton is sure to have remembered the dream.  Speaking to a large crowd Sharpton emphasized that these issues are not enough to remember Dr. King, and not try to bring about what Dr. King\’s policy was about, at this hour we face a challenge in front of this Supreme Court.  A court that took out Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, a court that could undermine Affirmative Action and Labor.  Al Sharpton went on to say we are celebrating King Day, but we are not celebratory of these times. Wwe must be recommitted because the wrong decisions from this court and wrong president to succeed President Obama could further eradicate all that Dr. King established.  \”We are at risk today, but we are here to put them on notice\” this is why National Action Network and others must stay on the forefront.

But the question still remains has anyone every seen Dr. King\’s dream?

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