Will LeBron be LeGone?

After a very disappointing season, the Los Angeles Lakers finished 37-45 which was 10th in the West. This, of course, cost them a chance to make it to the NBA playoffs in LeBron James\’s first season with this new team. This was a major let down to the city after he made it to the finals eight straight years with his former teams. Now, not even getting a chance to contend is a major let down and drop off for the king. LeBron who is known for having a drama-filled cloud follow him wherever he goes certainly did not let us down this year. After many failed attempts to recruit another all-star to play with him and be a part of the Lakers, this in effect left a foul taste in many of the player\’s mouths in the locker room. Majority of these players were youthful or in their sophomore or junior year in the league.

Magic Johnson went on record saying that the New Orleans Pelicans could have whoever they wanted in a trade for Anthony Davis. When the news got back to the team, the feedback could not have been more counter-productive. Many of the players which is pretty much everybody except for LeBron felt like they were betrayed and did not feel like playing for the team at their highest level. Honestly, in my opinion, this is quite childish considering the fact that the NBA is just a business and they should also be aware of the same circumstances as they are professionals. The drama, however, did not cease to stop there, at the end of the regular season Magic Johnson stepped down as the General Manager of the franchise. This move had a lot of people in disarray and confused about what was going on behind closed doors in the Lakers front office. It was later determined that the Magic wanted to get rid of head coach Luke Walton and team executive Rob Pelinka however, team owner Jeanie Buss decided that Luke could be moved, but not Rob. After this, I am guessing Magic took a disliking to this as he had to question who was really running things in LA.

Now rumors are starting to surface that LeBron might be leaving after this season and opt out of his contract with the Lakers. If he does choose to do so, I would not blame him. Firstly, the team’s season was in shambles and just continued on a downward spiral. Secondly, the fact that the man who recruited him to play for them is now gone after only two years of service and one while he was present. Thirdly, if Los Angeles cannot get the help that is needed, what is the purpose of staying, especially if you know you don’t have that much time left in your career anyway? The goal is to chase another championship. Now we sit and wait to see what the next move is going to be and needless to say we will all be watching to see if LeBron chooses to stay or leave the team.

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