Wizards Need to Wish for More!

We are officially 9 weeks into the NBA season and I am absolutely appalled at the way the Washington Wizards have started the season. The Washington Wizards are 2-7 so far in the regular season, and I am completely baffled not only by their record, but   their performance on their court. The Wizards are currently ranked 26th in defensive rebounds which means that they are giving up a ridiculous amount of second chance points. When I tune into a Wizards game it seems like they don’t even want to be playing together out their on the floor. On one sequence of the Oklahoma City Thunder Game the Wizards literally gave up four offensive rebounds on the same possession.

As a team you can’t expect to beat a team when you are giving teams 5 chances to score. You don’t even have to be in the league to put the ball in the basket with 5 tries. Now before I just thought that the lack of numbers on the board was due to the team not having a quality starting Center. Seeing as though Dwight Howard was out as a result of having a glute muscle injury. However, it is gradually becoming apparent that they just don’t have no interest at all at hustling for a rebound.

Also, Washington is ranked 20th in turnovers averaging 12.8 turnovers a game. The team doesn’t seem to be clicking at all on the offensive end. Even though Howard is a new addition to the starting lineup this is still incomprehensible. I feel as though they should give the rookie Toy Brown Jr. some more time because I think he can be a contributing spark off the bench to compliment the energy Kelly Oubre brings to the floor.

As they beat the New York Knicks tonight this was the first display of wanting to hustle to the other side of the ball on transition defense. The Wizards held the Knicks to 27% shooting at the half. Now the team must take this new-found desire to stop the opponent from scoring and go on a stint as they have a weaker schedule ahead. The team faces the Mavericks, Magic, Heat. All are very winnable games. If the Wizards don’t get on a little winning streak soon all hope might be lost.

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